Collaborations back then were earned and given to rather than being easily sought for and bought from the shelves. It used to be so rare that even camp outs, ballot or raffles are not guarantees in getting them. Rather having a purpose of just simply selling more pairs, often collaborations were some sort of a reward to a designer or an artist or a brand who had a connection to a particular brand. A sneaker collaboration allows an opportunity for each party involved to utilize creative input from an outside source as well as to tell their own stories behind the design to the specific model. Even though great designs can sell itself, but it works better when there is a story behind it. What makes a collaboration so special then was that the story behind that specific pair was so dearly and significant to the designer or artist.

But over the years, how many collaborations has that story that attracts its buyer? With the numbers of collaborations releasing every year, chances of having that personal connection between the designer/ brand/ artist has decreased. It becomes an easy way of building hype around a particular model and thus, most are not as special as it supposed to be. A good collaboration should provide extra value and not just being part of a hype.

One of the example is the Aape x Reebok Ventilators that were released in local stores early this week; which had probably been wiped out from the shelves within a few hours.


Pic credit: Highsnobiety
Pic credit: Highsnobiety


A collaboration, initially thought to be difficult to own, became a pair that most sneakerheads in the local scene own. The number of pairs released were just enough to allow this collaboration pair to be categorized under the “GRs”.

In conclusion, collaborations these days are not as precious and meaningful as before, comparing to the ones back then. Collaborations now are more easily sought and bought as most are produced accommodate to the hype. Is “Hype” spoiling the market and leading collaborations to be next ‘GRs”? This is yet another matter to ponder about.

“Sneakers is Life”; Many of us surely have heard this phrase somewhere and somehow during our sneaker journey. But how many actually think or act this way? Surely we all do love sneakers to a certain extent to even on this never-ending journey but there are some who are willing to splurge on every new releases, or even willing to sacrifice their sleep just to be updated on sneaker releases. Is this true love or is this just purely an obsession and addiction?

Pic credits: Sneakerfiles
Pic credits: Sneakerfiles
Pic credit: Select by Sneaker News


Some sneakerheads might have crossed the line of simply being obsessed. Riots over sneakers, rented storage that is bigger than their own bedroom, being very particular and careful not to crease or scuff their sneakers, doubling up their favorite pair, etc. These are all signs of obsession.

But again, who’s to blame for this? No one. It all developed from the love for sneakers we had right at the beginning. From the curiosity of the story behind a specific pair to the knowledge we gained from sneaker news and fellow sneakerheads, from concentration on a particular brand or model to expanding the collection to other brands and models, and when things get a little too competitive, we all strayed in some way or another. How many actually do remember why they started out in this game?


There is no clear cut line drawn between obsession or true love. In our opinion, sneakers is not Life, instead sneakers is part of our Life. We don’t live on it or for it, it is just a form of luxury and not a necessity.


The game has been going on for decades, and its agreeable that things has evolved and changes are always ongoing. But what defines a true sneakerhead now? One that collects sneakers for the love or one that collects them for their resell value? No one seems to question that anymore.

Pic via highsnobiety

“Buy what you like or buy what that is hype?”

We personally do not agree with the latter. The latter associates with “resellers” which incites anger in sneakerheads. Why deprive the chances of getting a pair from others who really wants it. Despite our argument and how noble the intentions of some sneakerheads are, many might still disagree. Some may say since there is a resell value, why not make use of the simple law of supply and demand and earn a profit out it?

It may seem silly not to do so and logically that sneakerheads should pay a “service fee” for the kicks they eyed on yet could not get. Some would also think that if you want a specific pair of sneakers, you have to spend two or three days camping out before release day or simply join the raffle. All those time wasted camping out or praying on luck could easily be exchanged with a simple amount of “service fee”.

So to speak, we believe sneakerheads with a genuine intention of collecting kicks especially the popular or how many would term as “hype” are diminishing. Whether we truly appreciate collaborations, artist series or even any general release, next thing we know, it’s on the resell market. So don’t you agree that genuine sneakerheads do play a part to the reseller culture in a way or another?

Be it a passionate collector who loves the game genuinely, or one that collects and then resell it, there is no deny that there will always be a grey area in this game. No one is to blame for the change. It is the way you play the game to your best benefit.

photo credit: @imdaniellai
photo credit: @kennerve

Though ballots and RSVP seemed to have taken over the game, the “first-come, first-serve” method still exists.

We have seen many examples of rowdy behavior and safety threatening camp outs overseas. Fortunately, we do not experience that locally. However due to the hectic working schedule and lifestyle, some sneakerheads in the local scene may find it a chore to camp, while there are still some who would go out all for a pair of sneakers.

That satisfaction of finally being able to get hold of that pair of sneakers you have spent a few nights camping out for, probably new sneakerhead friends who have been your entertainment during the long unbearable wait. But on the other hand, those sacrifices of comfort, sleep, and work, can a pair of sneakers really make up to that?

Do you have a significant story or experience to share? Is camp out yes or a no for you?




Another weekend gone, another war with releases. This weekend we see the release of Kanye West’s 2nd sneaker installment wit adidas in the form of Yeezy 350 Boost. So much love and hate for the pair, we have sneakerheads & hypebeast saying they look so much like Roshe Ones. But of course, it still sells out, lines still long, with plenty of salty sour grapes not getting any at the end of the day. Locally, we have two stores that release: adidas Originals at Pacific Plaza ( 34 pairs via first come first serve) & Limited Edt. Chamber ( about 30 pairs via raffle/ballot). Hope whoever wanted it gets to appreciate it. You only need one or two, not 20.


pict via footlocker

Next hyped release has to be the Air Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Backboard’ to commemorate Michael Jordan’s Nike Exhibition game on 25th August 1985. Well, if scoring 30 points wasn’t impressive, what about shattering the backboard in his iconic one-handed jam? And thus this pair was released with a really impressive looking soft tumbled leather(its super sexy leather i swear to God!) and a real nice insole print of shattered backboard. Locally, we have them released in Limited Edt Ballpark @ 313(via raffle)/Hoops Factory @ Lucky Plaza(via member FCFS) & Nike @ Bugis+ (via FCFS priority to member). Looking at it, we have about 200+ pairs altogether in Singapore.


pict via solecollector

Of course, there are other releases like the very unlikely collaboration between Wale x Ruvilla store x Asics Gel Lyte III ‘Bottle Rocket. Why unlikely? Because Wale’s been rocking Nike almost all of his sneakerhead life you would think his first collaboration would be with Nike. Good looking colourway nonetheless. I would grab a pair but no news if it’ll be released locally.

Moving on, let’s see whats on feet from the HYP crew last week..


Air Force 1 YOTD (Year of the Dragon)

“One of my favourite AF1 in my stash! The scales, woven tongue and printed insole is what made me fall in love with this pair all over again!

In my opinion:

The best fit with this would be either white berms or long khakis.”


Disney (Cinderella) x Reebok Insta Pumpfury

“Being a fan of Disney, especially its Princesses, and the brand Reebok itself,  this collaboration is definitely a treat for me!  With its iridescent look that resembles a glass slipper, and that significant clock that is about to strike 12 on its pump button, it is almost as though im living that princess dream of every girl. In addition, a butterfly is added to the back on each side as well as a pair of graphic insoles.

Nothing beats to having all three favorites in one product. “

Thats all for today, lets see what other hype happenings is going down this coming week.

its been a while since peeps from SG Sneakerheads chill out and take sneaker shots together…

Thx for those who made their way there… Till next time!!!

Pics credit: James john dycoco (SGS)