Bodega X Reebok Ventilator


Reebok fans familiar with Bodega’s releases would definitely be very familiar with an intern by the name of Terry Blay. Who is Terry Blay many might wonder, how about checking out his Instagram at .

So Terry Blay was an intern at Bodega who was originally denied by Bodega to be an intern, but he started showing up everyday, hanging outside of the store. He started by taking it upon himself to organize the line out front of the store with every major release Bodega had.

So is Terry Blay a human or just a puppet? Never mind that. Let’s move on.

This Reebok Ventilator collab continued how Bodega has been using gum soles for its other Reebok collabs previously, and included alot of other crazy details on it – as according to them, it went crazy design-wise. Aside from the speckled midsole, notice a black tumbled leather on the branding, together with basic colored suede in red and blue. Lastly a dotted Heather Grey fleece covering the rest of the upper.

Check out our shot of the Bodega X Reebok Ventilator below

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