Today’s Sneaker game has changed – are resellers to blame?

Today’s Sneaker game has changed – are resellers to blame?


The game has been going on for decades, and its agreeable that things has evolved and changes are always ongoing. But what defines a true sneakerhead now? One that collects sneakers for the love or one that collects them for their resell value? No one seems to question that anymore.

Pic via highsnobiety

“Buy what you like or buy what that is hype?”

We personally do not agree with the latter. The latter associates with “resellers” which incites anger in sneakerheads. Why deprive the chances of getting a pair from others who really wants it. Despite our argument and how noble the intentions of some sneakerheads are, many might still disagree. Some may say since there is a resell value, why not make use of the simple law of supply and demand and earn a profit out it?

It may seem silly not to do so and logically that sneakerheads should pay a “service fee” for the kicks they eyed on yet could not get. Some would also think that if you want a specific pair of sneakers, you have to spend two or three days camping out before release day or simply join the raffle. All those time wasted camping out or praying on luck could easily be exchanged with a simple amount of “service fee”.

So to speak, we believe sneakerheads with a genuine intention of collecting kicks especially the popular or how many would term as “hype” are diminishing. Whether we truly appreciate collaborations, artist series or even any general release, next thing we know, it’s on the resell market. So don’t you agree that genuine sneakerheads do play a part to the reseller culture in a way or another?

Be it a passionate collector who loves the game genuinely, or one that collects and then resell it, there is no deny that there will always be a grey area in this game. No one is to blame for the change. It is the way you play the game to your best benefit.