Camp outs: YAY or NAY?

Camp outs: YAY or NAY?

photo credit: @imdaniellai
photo credit: @kennerve

Though ballots and RSVP seemed to have taken over the game, the “first-come, first-serve” method still exists.

We have seen many examples of rowdy behavior and safety threatening camp outs overseas. Fortunately, we do not experience that locally. However due to the hectic working schedule and lifestyle, some sneakerheads in the local scene may find it a chore to camp, while there are still some who would go out all for a pair of sneakers.

That satisfaction of finally being able to get hold of that pair of sneakers you have spent a few nights camping out for, probably new sneakerhead friends who have been your entertainment during the long unbearable wait. But on the other hand, those sacrifices of comfort, sleep, and work, can a pair of sneakers really make up to that?

Do you have a significant story or experience to share? Is camp out yes or a no for you?